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Unemployment Insurance, RI DLT  
6 Weeks to Post Effective September 1, 2014, NEW Unemployment Insurance (UI) customers must post a résumé to EmployRI by the 6th consecutive week of collecting UI benefits. Failure to post your résumé within 6 weeks will cause a delay or loss of benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions about
Posting your Résumé to Employ RI


Why should I post a résumé ? A résumé will help you get interviews; interviews lead to job offers. Treat your job search like a full-time job. You will find your next job faster.

What is a résumé ? A résumé is a typed document that includes a brief summary of your education, qualifications and previous work experiences and is typically sent to an employer along with a job application.

Who is exempt from posting a résumé to EmployRI? The following UI customers do not have to post a résumé to EmployRI:
1. Customers who are temporarily laid off and have a definite return-to-work date within 12 weeks of their last day of work.
2. Customers in a DLT-approved training program or in the DLT WorkShare program.
3. Customers who are members in good standing of a trade union, which has a union hiring hall.
4. Customers with limited English proficiency.
5. Individuals with a disability as defined by Federal or State law.

How do I post a résumé to EmployRI? There are a few different ways to post a résumé to EmployRI. For assitance, please click here.

How many weeks do I have to post my résumé? Effective August 31, 2014, the RI Department of Labor and Training (DLT) is requiring you to post a résumé on the EmployRI website,, within 6 weeks of collecting UI benefits.

What happens if I don't post a résumé? The UI Teleserve payment system will reject your attempt to certify for payment and will cause a loss of benefits.

What if I don't have a computer? Ask a family member, friend or neighbor if you can borrow their computer. You may also visit a netWORKri One Stop Career Center and use our computers for free or visit your local library. Most libraries have computers that the public can use for free.

What if I don't know how to use a computer? Staff at our 4 netWORKri One Stop Career Centers can help. But first, make sure to fill out the Résumé Information Worksheet - click here to download the file. This will allow our career counselors at the centers to assess your skills level and help you sign up for the next Computer Basics class. Once you have registered for a workshop, bring your COMPLETED worksheet to your nearest netWORKri One Stop Career Center.

What if I need assistance posting or creating a résumé? Click here for tutorials and indepth instructions. If you still need assistance, please contact one of the four netWORKri Career Centers.

Do I have to post a résumé if I returned to work and will no longer be collecting benefits? No, if you return to work and are no longer requesting benefits, you do not need to post a résumé. However, if at any point during your benefit year, you are out of work and refile your claim, you must post your résumé to EmployRI.

Do I have to post a résumé if my payments are in pending status (Hold File)? For example, pending an appeal from the Central Adjudication Unit? Yes, you still must post your resume to EmployRI.

What if I have an existing résumé already posted in EmployRI when I file my claim? You have already met the requirement as long as your resume is current and active.

What if my résumé is posted on another job board/career website other than EmployRI? We encourage you to use multiple methods to find employment, but in order to be complaint with this rule, your résumé must be posted to EmployRI.

Do I need to contact the Call Center if I fail to post a résumé by the sixth consecutive week of payment? No, if you have failed to post your résumé within six weeks, once you post the résumé and become compliant, you will be automatically notified by a Call Center representative.


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