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Governor Gina M. Raimondo wants to help you make it in Rhode Island. Under her leadership, government is innovating — offering services that are better, easier and faster to use. One example is the EmployRI mobile app, a new free tool for job seekers.

Select the latest job openings from over 16,000 websites. Search by keyword and location. Save and share your favorite jobs by email.

The EmployRI app lets you return to saved searches, recently viewed jobs and your favorite jobs. Use multi-colored pins to map jobs by location. Apply on the fly!

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For the app to display in Spanish, the device on which the app is running must be set to Spanish.

Open Setting > General > Language & Region > iPhone Language > Espanol > Done > Change to Spanish > ...wait for reboot... > close Settings.app > Open EmployRI

SETTINGS > Personal ( or “my device) > Language & Input > Language > Press Espanol (United States) > Done > Home Button > Open EmployRI