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How to Post your Résumé in EmployRI

You may want to first complete My Background details. The résumé builder in EmployRI will incorporate them so you won’t have to re-enter your background information. When using the résumé builder, some steps will allow you to update your background information if you change info. Click Next between steps to proceed. Click Skip this Step if the step doesn’t apply to you. When choosing a template, you may preview it first to see the layout and section order.

  1. Click Résumé Builder from the Quick Menu.
  2. Click Create New Résumé
  3. Select employer accessibility type and résumé type, and enter a résumé title. (This is Step 1).

    Note: Résumé types are displayed based on former resumés created. They are:
    > Comprehensive - Build your résumé using a step-by-step process (create your résumé from scratch).
    > Upload - Attach an existing Word or .PDF résumé (save time by using your existing résumé).
    > Copy & Paste - Transfer résumé's text from an existing copy (quick - but not as useful to potential employers).
    > Quick - Create a résumé with minimal data entry. This will allow you to start applying for jobs more quickly, but may not provide better match results.

  4. Click Next, then OK to confirm your selections.
  5. Choose a desired work location (Step 2).
  6. Choose your desired occupation (Step 3).
  7. Select your desired salary (Step 4).
  8. Create your desired work profile. You may create multiple profiles with multiple resumés (Step 5).
  9. Enter Driver’s License info (Step 6).
  10. Select the source data for your resumé (Step 7).

    > Use the previously saved résumé option and then browse your computer to locate it. This allows the
    system to automatically extract data electronically.
    > Use the Cut-and-Paste option to manually paste résumé info into the text box displayed.
    > Click the Click Here link to continue with the Résumé Builder wizard to manually build data.

  11. Select desired template. The template selected controls the total number of steps required.
    > Click Next to use default system template.
    > Click New Template or Save As to edit system template; enter a template name, modify résumé sections tab, résumé format tab, and section specific format tab, as desired. Click Save.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Enter Education and Training info (Step 8).
  14. Enter Occupational License and Certificate info (Step 9).
  15. Enter Employment History info (Step 10); click NEXT to update job skills; select whether employers may
    view your salary history and reason for leaving your former jobs.
  16. Modify your Job Skills list (Step 11).
  17. Enter your Ability summary (Step 12).
  18. Enter your résumé Objective (Step 13).
  19. Enter Honors and Activities info (Step 14).
  20. Enter Additional Information (Step 15).
  21. Enter/confirm your Contact Info (Step 16).
  22. Enter your Reference info (Step 17).
  23. View resumé details. Click Save Résumé and Return to finish.

    For help at any time, click on the blue circle question mark icon

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    - you will be required to log into EmployRI before you can begin. (NOT TEXT ONLY)

    Watch instructional videos on posting a Résumé in EmployRI -Part I, Overview | Part II, Creation

    Click here for printable instructions on How to Register and Post a resume in EmployRI


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